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Just when you thought I forgot about you.

More interesting finds:

Fun and silly stuff first this time. I kind of like this item from ifnbooks. The Accordion Photo Album Kit seems like a great alternative to standard photo gift or card.

Okay this is really strange, Kittywigs, and that isn't a typo. The blue and pink ones are especially divine. I'm betting you just might know somebody who would actually buy one-at least for a gag gift.

The Top 10 Worse Logos created by the list universe is fantastic. Some people have no visual imagination, thankfully for those of us that do we can laugh at the results.

Okay here is an actual Photo link. First go to The State of the Art Blog to read about their response to an interesting (interesting as in wrong) article in Newsweek. It basically says that digital imaging has killed photography. As they point out much of the article statements are absurd, but its interesting to read State of the Art's response and the comments left by others. Plus there are links to the original article.

Magnum has this great on line documentary titled The Self Assigned Photographer about photographer Dennis Stock. Wonderfully presented and well worth the time viewing all of it.

I'll wrap this up with two very good blogs I like to look over. One is avisualsociety by photography agent in new york that can be very insightful. The other is A Photo Editor, whom is Rob Haggart the former Director of Photography at Men’s Journal. this blog started out as being anonymous, but just recently Haggart quit his job and came out so to speak. Lots of very good postings on the business and how photographers are chosen and other internal process'. Also a lot of good industry people comment on the posts with their thoughts as well.

Instead of one of my images how about a link to a video I recently completed, Life

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