Simple Installation

On the Cal State Fullerton campus this last Wednesday, students (including myself) presented Simple Installations all over campus. The first one on the right was done by Melaney Schmidt. It ran down the entire hallway.

Tammie Rothstein was making bubbles.

Miho Aiba changed a campus bench.

Tanaz Shirazian hung out to dry.

Ricky Yarnall changed our perceptions.

Stephanie Lundstrom was sick but still managed to get her installation hung.

Adding some color and growth to the drab campus.

Kataoka Megumi had an old style alarm inside the can with smoke billowing out.

The string and many little crystals looked great in the sun.

Tiffany Slagle incorporated a sculpture garden for her web idea.

Kelly Rice placed these in the entrance to the men's bathroom, creeped some guys out.

Notice the huge mouths over the urinals in the men's bathroom, also notice the entire class (including females) was in there- "hellooo ladies".

Jesus Lozano "chewie" had some great light
modifications in another building.

This one was a salute to Duchamp, with a sort of reverse on taking and changing the object into the museum to taking the museum to the object.

"I am not your doormat"

Romiro did a wonderful installation with string.

The men's bathroom was very popular, this shrine was created by the artist in the refection .

Even though it was using sound I didn't want to miss at least mentioning this one that sounded earily like being in a strange airport with all the different and garbled voices.

Okay mine is last, I'm putting two images so you can read the text, see whats in the box and becuase it's my blog. :)

Thats me in the reflection, notice the professional elbow action.

Please let me know if I did not give you or gave you the wrong credit and I'll jump back in here and fix it.


You know its Sunday and you have to much to do when...

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Cameras cameras, cameras:

Lego style.

Leica's Safari Edition M8 with bag.

Polaroid 4 shot, this kit comes with film.

Canon's PowerShot D10 goes 33 feet underwater with 12 megapixels.

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