Interesting Finds Now, History Later

Having been and still part of the Photoshop retouching world I've come across some interesting related web sites. This first one is an great fine art pursuit using user feedback. Prototypicality

This next site is not for the faint of heart - Pageant Retouching. You may want to keep your children away from the screen while viewing.

Now if you ever wondered how all those celebrities are so photogenic, go here - Iwanex Studio - click on the portfolio link and pick an image. Rolling the mouse off and on the image will give you the before and afters-very enlightening.

Last one and just for fun try Drum Machine. Click on the red dot, then the box, and finally on the asian language characters above the character-you'll know what I mean when you get there. Make sure you have your ear plugs or speakers on.

Why is it called the "The Lost Photographer". Maybe next time....

You can always see some of my work at my web site ALTPhotoImages.

An example of one image is above.

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