Photography Contests

Contests can be frustrating, rewarding and of course very subjective. However, I do think they can help you with your photography? Not only in getting publicity, but also in forcing a photographer to look critically at their own work-edit.

But I also think they can be hard to find sometimes and the deadlines can be a real beaatch to keep track of and not miss. Unfortunately we missed a bunch in March and the many contests that had deadlines at the end and beginning of the year. However, there are more going on through the year and its never to late to start.

So, lets begin a list of all the "good" contests and their deadlines. If you know more let me know and I'll add them as we go.

Oh, good luck. :)
  • APRIL 2008

The Pilsner Urquell International Photography Awards - Deadline 4/30/08

  • MAY 2008

The 24th Annual PDN/Nikon Self-Promotion Awards-Deadline 5/23/08

  • JUNE 2008

Center for Fine Art Photography: All Things Horses - Deadline 6/18/08

  • JULY 2008

Aperture Foundation: Portfolio Prize Competition - Deadline 7/11/08
Center for Fine Art Photography: 2008 Int'l Exhibit of Fine Art Photography - Deadline 7/15/08

  • AUGUST 2008

Center for Fine Art Photography: Our Environment - the good, bad and ugly - Deadline 8/18/08

World In Focus (Seems travel oriented & the site is updating in late April so more info should be coming) - Deadline 8/21/08


JPG Magazine: Constantly having contests for images to get into their magazine. Its free, check it out.

Shots Magazine: Call for Entries for each issue.

National Photo Awards: Kinda funky site, but they seem to have a monthly photo contest.


Notes: Personally, if possible, I like to take a look at past winners to get a feel for what type of photography each contest is looking for in submissions. Sometimes it helps me decide what image to submit or to even bother submitting. Though you never know, maybe its better to just submit whatever you want. Also read the rules and terms carefully. Some contests require more from you in image rights then you may want to give. Most are run by fellow artists and try to be fair though.

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