My Open Letter to Richard Prince

Many of you may recognize the name or at least some of the images in some long lost deep memory from an art and/or photography history course (to jog your memory check these out here, I'll wait). Recently controversy has sprung up again concerning Mr Prince's habit of taking/using images that someone else has photographed and using them in his art. Check out A Photo Editors blog from last week and especially the comments-this will take longer, but I can wait. Done? Good.

So what do you think? Pissed off? Could care less? Been there done that? Well I've decided to take a different approach.

Dear Mr Richard Prince,

Ahh Hello, sir. Mr. Prince? Richard? Can I call you Richard? Well here is the thing... Mmm just take it. Take it all, use it how ever you like. Yes, that is right steal.... errr appropriate away. Go on check out my web site here. Its okay that you are the first to ever go there. I promise it won't hurt and I have a wide variety of images to chose from. Lots of pasting and cutting opportunities. Heck even mashings, look see here ----> I've even started one for you.

So get crazy, I'm looking forward to seeing the results. If you need a print out to photograph so that it can get blown up real real big just drop me a note. No problems here.

Oh and could you let me know, just give me a heads up. Buddy to buddy like so I can let my parent know. They kinda think I'm wasting my life with this whole artsy photography thing and wondering why I don't do weddings. Well its a long story, maybe we could chat over some Sxxxbucks coffee sometime.


Your friend and mine,