Deng Family and 10th Anniversary Portraits

I love photographing weddings, celebrations of a new life together.  But a wedding anniversary is even more special, such is the case for Eric and Sharon who will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary next month.  They have decided to make it a family affair with their 2 adorable children, Payton and Sydney.

Immediately when I met the family, I felt the warmth and love they have for each other.  Watching them interact as a family, you can't help but smile.  As I photographed Eric and Sharon while they gazed into each other's eyes, I understood how they have made the milestone in their marriage.  And I have no doubt, there will be many more anniversaries to come!

Here is Payton throwing a rock into the ocean.  Look at that action!

Can you tell Payton loves his sister?  It only took mom and dad's $100 toy to bribe him.  ;-)

Sometimes you run, sometimes you dance.  Life is always fun when you are with your best friend.


A kiss and a smile - it's just LOVE!


So much to look forward to each day!


One big happy family!