In a universe where posing as someone you are not is a necessity.


Turkey Link Day

Which hopefully none of the following links are turkeys, just a little stuffing:

If It's Hip, It's Here found a great Paper Fashions by Zoe Bradley. They are incredible along with some really good photography, see the entire portfolio here.

This one is right up my alley, Shi Xiaofan is a Chinese photographer with a new series of images titled, “The Stranger In The Glass Box”. Go to his web site and click on the portfolio link, this particular piece is under Project One. Its a great blend and throw back of French Fashion and Chinese Culture.

Check out the work by Kris Kuksi, I'm especially amazed by the intricate detail of his grotesque series.

In Photographic history we learn about "typology". One f the best examples of which are the Bechers, who systematically shot over 200 images of water towers almost all in the same way. Okay so why the photo art lesson? Well I came across this blog post by box vox and and the connection was made. Water towers turned into packaging for advertising products. I think the milk bottle tower could use a fresh coat of paint though. Maybe we don't forget everything as soon as the final test is taken.

Okay this one was in a spanish blog (no I don't know how I found it-just enjoy) so I've made the link to run through Google translator to save you a step. The Compass is a camera among many things, kind of like a swiss army knife camera for spys-must be why I love it and a must for my character "Agent Lee".

And finally a bit of fun. I laughed I cried, I wet myself- Swedish Dance bands form the 70's. These are priceless.


My Front Porch

So it started early today.
Then got worse.

All of these are really taken from

my porch and with only a 105mm.

To give you perspective, the one below you can easily see my house.


God bless volunteers, who needs a KLS supermodel.


PLF Brothers Unite!

Tomorrow all of us of the P.L.F. (Photographers Liberation Front) will be making not only a momentous decision, but one that could potentially haunt us for four years. I speak mostly to our brothers in the journalistic brigade, though all of us could be affected in many ways. The question is, who do we want to photograph for the next 4 years?

Who is most photogenic? Obama or McCain.

Do we want the textured and rugged face of ages past or a smoother face not unlike models we have seen many a time. Which one must we choose. This is critical for our well being because day after day we are the ones who have to focus in on these mugs. Because dammit we do important stuff and we can't get stuck having to photograph the same guy for 4 years of magazine cover after nauseating feel good fluff articles.

Decide quickly my PLF legions for tomorrow we must expose and frame the correct shot .


This Weak ...errr.. Week in Studio

You know not every model can look like Christina Aguilera or even have the same hair color or even be the same sex. So you work with what you have, hot lights and a very good sport.

Would Stephen Webster be proud?