When I was very young I often dreamed, like many, that I could fly.

I can't remember when I was not a very visual person and I have memories as far back as when I was 3 years old (asking my mother how old I was-She said I was 3, my 4th birthday party, zip lining a practice parachute jump at the military base in Naha, Japan before we moved back to the US and I started kindergarten). That and my very vivid imagination (clearly seeing a huge fiery comet crashing into my back yard when I was 6) and my memorable night terrors (the devil, killer robots, and werewolves made many appearances) as a kid probably had something to do with my going into photography, my sometime surrealistic ideas and the work I create.

Today I got the following e-mail, one of many, including one from Alan Meckler on the same topic:

Dear Customer:

This morning Jupitermedia announced that it has entered into a purchase agreement to sell its Jupiterimages division to Getty Images. While the companies have signed a definitive agreement, the deal will not close until shareholder and government approvals have been obtained. Approvals could take up to several months and ! there is approvals, but that is not expected. There will be no change in your relationship with Jupiterimages as a result of this announcement. Jupiterimages will continue to operate as it always has delivering the highest quality imagery with world-class customer service.

I will continue to communicate updates periodically as we move through this process.

James Alexander
Senior Vice President and General Manager

Landings can get bumpy.


Link Day

Title says it all:

Especially for LA area photographers, check out this blog We Can Shoot Too.

A new pet store just opened up New York City, Wooster Collective has all the cool mechanical details.

A great new take on the old holiday snapshots using souvenirs is shown at the Daily Mail English news.

Another interesting blog, Your Source for All Things Wicked and Awesome. Does a great job of finding, "A blog about the things that strike me as unique or odd, the things that inspire me and the things that I find beautiful." The link above highlights the ones on photography. Wonderful imagery, but check all the other postings out.

Always leave them laughing or cringing I forget which, you figure it out and, Don't Shoot the Puppy.


Slovak and American Video Exhibition

Last month one of my videos was selected for the video festival in Slovakia. The video was projected in the main square of Kosice, (the second largest city in Slovakia) October 1 - 3, 2008. The exhibit then traveled to the city of Banska Bystrica where it will be projected in Europe's largest shopping mall and at the Academy of Art, Oct 7-8; then to Bratislava (the capital of Slovakia) where the work will shown on an large electronic billboard in the center of the city, Oct 10- 12.

Just recently I was informed that the web site for the Slovak and American Video Exhibition is up and running. The direct link to my video "Life" that was chosen is here. If you have a chance check it out. Its interesting to see the Slovak translations that they added to my video (the original video can be seen here on YouTube). If you do click on the Slovak link I would appreciate a "good" rating as well.

The main video page link to see all the videos is at Check out my friend Melaney Schmidt's great video as well.



TED Prize

James Nachtwey puts us all to shame.

More information here.