Deng Family and 10th Anniversary Portraits

I love photographing weddings, celebrations of a new life together.  But a wedding anniversary is even more special, such is the case for Eric and Sharon who will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary next month.  They have decided to make it a family affair with their 2 adorable children, Payton and Sydney.

Immediately when I met the family, I felt the warmth and love they have for each other.  Watching them interact as a family, you can't help but smile.  As I photographed Eric and Sharon while they gazed into each other's eyes, I understood how they have made the milestone in their marriage.  And I have no doubt, there will be many more anniversaries to come!

Here is Payton throwing a rock into the ocean.  Look at that action!

Can you tell Payton loves his sister?  It only took mom and dad's $100 toy to bribe him.  ;-)

Sometimes you run, sometimes you dance.  Life is always fun when you are with your best friend.


A kiss and a smile - it's just LOVE!


So much to look forward to each day!


One big happy family!


Sweet 16

Amanda's Sweet 16 couldn't be sweeter!  She is a sweet young lady and an avid athlete who plays basketball and tennis on her school teams.  We started out with a portrait session at the Huntington Beach Pier.   There were so many great photos that I decided to make a collage.  The photo was used for a signature board at the party held at the 300 Anaheim at Anaheim Garden Walk.  
300 Anaheim is not your typical bowling alley.  It's ultra hip and modern with neon lights equipped with colorful lounge charis and a bar to chill with friends.  Amanda's party is held at the private lounge.  It had 8 private lanes, a bar (no alcohol was served since it's a Sweet 16 birthday party), lots of bowling balls, and its own cubies with shoes in all sizes.  Best of all, the buffet and chocolate fondue served!    
Amanda's mom really knows how to throw a great party.  Everyone had great fun, great food, and a great time!  


Brett and Stefanie's Wedding at Ramsey's at The Club

Congratulations to Brett and Stefanie! After 14 years of courtship, their dream finally come true. And I was so privileged to have been there on their special day to capture their wedding as they began their lives as Mr. and Dr. Brett Reynolds.

It was a beautiful day! Stefanie looked absolutely stunning in her crystal beaded wedding gown. She and Brett make such a gorgeous couple! Below you'll find a video and a few images from the wedding. Complete wedding proofs will be up at the website later next week. Enjoy!



26 Days of Terror

Just for the two of you that happen to see this blog or stumble across it just now and foolishly enough hit play. Why?! Because your curious and... well.. just don't know any better.


May Quick Links

This one is for all the twitters.

This one reminds me of The Lightning Field by sculpture Walter de Maria, though this one is made out of fluorescent lights.

Check out the cool Demekin Pocket Fisheye Camera, can't remember the last time I saw 110 film though.

Finally this one is just too funny by Ikea of all people. Have fun making these guys dance with your keyboard.



So a week ago I found myself back in Seattle photographing my oldest sister's wedding.

I'm always asked why I left Seattle. Over the years I have thought of many quick answers that seems to satisfy them over the years. I hate rain...I lost a bet with Sasquatch....There was nothing to keep me there. None were completely true, but some partially true (you ever smell a Sasquatch? whewww).

I was not so much looking forward to my return especially since my list of needs for my arrival went unmet and unanswered. But in the end seeing the family and the mountain again... well..

I actually enjoyed it.


Happily Ever After

Group 3 had their installation this week.

Great picket fence leading into it and the grass was a lot of fun to walk on and eventually sit on. They also had images projected onto screens made up of paper airplanes and giant paper airplanes swooping through the entire gallery.

Unfortunately there where to many complaints concerning the smell of the
grass and it had to be removed.

A shame, but still a great job by the final group!


PDN's Photo of the Day

Somebody messed up and I managed to get an image in for PDN's Photo of the Day , the direct link is here.

They have links to my website for more from this series and if you like, here is a link to the movie as well.

Thanks PDN!


Art 21

Hulu now has 16 episodes of the PBS series ART 21. If you haven't seen or heard of it check this out from their description, "...the only series on television to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists in the United States, ... Fascinating and intimate footage allows the viewer to observe the artists at work, watch their process as they transform inspiration into art, and hear their thoughts as they grapple with the physical and visual challenges of achieving their artistic visions."

One of my favorite artists featured is Cai Guo-Qiang in episode one of season 3 Power-see below. He is the first artist in this episode, some of you may recognize some of his work I've linked to before like this.

Art 21 also has there own blog here. Now go forth and be enlightened.



APE has spotted the launch of

Love these shots of Marilyn and Cassius Clay.

Great imagery and certainly worth some extensive browsing!



Almost "Enough"

Group intallation with Tiffany Slagle, Tenaz Shirazian, Tammie Rothstein, Ramiro Rubio, Melaney Schmidt and myself.

Now open through this Saturday, reception Wednesday, March 25 11:30am - 1:30pm in the Exit Gallery at Cal State Fullerton



The first group installation went up this week titled, LOOK. Showing this week at the Exit Gallery located on campus at Cal State Fullerton. I think they did a wonderful job. Loved the curtains and how they intersected the projection image and divided it up into layers.

The installation consisted of two rooms with this first room having projected voyeuristic videos through curtains and onto a built wall. Yes they built the wall, pretty cool.

The second room was like, for me, a carnival House of Mirrors.

With mirrors surrounding the viewer and a projection of video that consisted of people staring at you. All of this reflected off the mirrors and placed on more hanging curtains. Oh did I mention the peep holes in the wall? Nice touch.

Nice work Group 1, my group is next with "Enough".