Newport Beach Portraits and Global Warming

Sometimes its great to just get out there to photograph and work with models, make up artists, designers and other fellow photographers. 

I love finding great locations and posing models to create a kool look and feel. So last weekend I did just that in Newport when a local group I'm part of organized a meet up.

Newport is a great beach community with a lot of fun places to see and do. Check it out here.

However, sometimes a small part of the year it can get cold when there is an off shore flow and the clouds and wind blows in. I know, I know I grew up in Seattle and should be used to it. 

Okay I admit it, I've been in the Los Angeles area too long and have become acclimatized, used to the warm weather, simply a wimp.

When it is a bit chilly here  (for here) in Southern California I sometimes wonder how I used to walk to school or to the bus stop in the rain and wind when it was below 50 or 40 degrees . Okay I'm sounding old, but I didn't mention the snow-oops.

So I found myself down near the shore near the Balboa Pier and it started to get around 60.  Then the wind kicked in and I was starting to grumble to myself about the cold.

I'm feeling a bit chilled and then I look up from behind my camera at one of these great models. Going where I ask and holding poses in mostly thin clothing, in the now stiff breeze, and cold. I realize I have nothing to complain about. I have a jacket and I can put my hands in my pockets when ever I want. I don't even have to smile.

Thank you to everyone involved, especially the models, who hung in there and did a great job!

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