A little bit of Ranch with my Cookies.


My name is Allen and I am a cookieholic. I constantly crave, desire and love them. I must have them, they will be mine! Okay, maybe not all of them. I do have some standards, but many pass it and my lips.

At this moment I have been cookie free for 20 minutes.

Some of my favorites include classics like Oreos (My fiance guts them and only eats the outer shell. Then refuses to let anyone eat the spoils from her efforts. I shed a tear each time this occurs.), Oatmeal Raisin, Fig Newtons, the misnamed Animal Crackers, Chocolate Chip and Nilla Wafers (my mom used to make a banana creme pie with them in at as the crust)

Then there are the more elusive ones such as Danish Butter & Wedding cookies,  Russian Tea Cakes-another misnamed type, Ice Cream, Chinese Almond, Macaroons, and the annual Girl Scout Somaos and Tagalongs.

Let us not forget the tried and true Fortune, Sugar, Peanut Butter, Pecan Shortbread, and many more precious varieties that I couldn't possibly list all of them here.

So what does this have to do with these portraits I created of these wonderful models (in order from the top: Karin Lorene Larsen, Kristin Keating, Eryne Shan, Crystal Leland, Ashley Gregory, and Allyson Hoehl) ?

Granted I do enjoy being around both. 

(Thanks to the MUA's Melody Rachunok, Brandie Bedell, Kacee Geoffroy)

Though in reality they don't have a damn thing to do with each other! I just really like cookies.

So now I'm off the cookie wagon. 

(Special cookies go to Hanssie Trainor, Rob Ninja-Nicholson , Gavin Wade, Erin Wade, Sarah Frenzel, Derek Frenzel, Teale Landstedt, Matthew Saville Baldon, and Yvonne LeBrun.)

Mmmmm shortbread....

Smo mhich cookmie is your favmorite?

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Vegan Lovebird said...

i love these pics allen! love the theme ... sassy & sexy!