When I was very young I often dreamed, like many, that I could fly.

I can't remember when I was not a very visual person and I have memories as far back as when I was 3 years old (asking my mother how old I was-She said I was 3, my 4th birthday party, zip lining a practice parachute jump at the military base in Naha, Japan before we moved back to the US and I started kindergarten). That and my very vivid imagination (clearly seeing a huge fiery comet crashing into my back yard when I was 6) and my memorable night terrors (the devil, killer robots, and werewolves made many appearances) as a kid probably had something to do with my going into photography, my sometime surrealistic ideas and the work I create.

Today I got the following e-mail, one of many, including one from Alan Meckler on the same topic:

Dear Customer:

This morning Jupitermedia announced that it has entered into a purchase agreement to sell its Jupiterimages division to Getty Images. While the companies have signed a definitive agreement, the deal will not close until shareholder and government approvals have been obtained. Approvals could take up to several months and ! there is approvals, but that is not expected. There will be no change in your relationship with Jupiterimages as a result of this announcement. Jupiterimages will continue to operate as it always has delivering the highest quality imagery with world-class customer service.

I will continue to communicate updates periodically as we move through this process.

James Alexander
Senior Vice President and General Manager

Landings can get bumpy.

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