Photoshelter Goes Kaput

Last week Photoshelter, a seemingly up and coming photo stock agency called it quits after only a year in business. You can read the statement here that was sent out to contributors and such.

I had several images with them and had planned to add more. Though in light of what has happened, I've since deleted much of what I had up with them. I'm hardly taking a big hit like APE (A Photo Editor) and PDN along with many other blogs have written about it and I think the comments made by a lot of people (contributors and otherwise) made on all those postings are enlightening.

Photoshelter is now pushing hard their other service. Can't blame them for wanting to stay alive and continue in business, though I can't say I'm very interested in what they are offering. Maybe I'm just a cynic, but I've been burned and seen similar things happen to others far to many times in the past for me to consider doing business with them again-see my reasoning below where I've copied what I wrote on APE's blog.

What do you think?

Seems to me they were a bit ill prepared or short sited. I mean to pull the plug after only several months in business doesn’t seem like a very well thought out plan was in place. I could be completely wrong, but I really have to wonder about doing business with them in the future. I mean I see these agencies as a partnership (Am I alone in this?). We all know how it works, the photographer provides the imagery/content to sell and the agency provides the backbone and clients. Usually a good fair deal. Though now if I had just gotten the rug pulled out from under me from such a partner I’m not so sure I would be partnering up with them again all to soon.

However, like you said they had the guts to do this. Though I still can’t shake the thought and wonder how the guts feel of those who spent the time and effort into investing with them with their imagery? I suppose one could say we should have seen it coming, but it still feels like the curtain go peeled back all of a sudden. Well time to click your heels together.

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