X-Mas List and Links


Boom has a nice posting on some images by Jacques Oliver where he has created some nice juxtaposed images with fashion and a trailer park. Would have liked to see more hair curlers and menthols, but love them just the same especially the first one.

Ever wonder what and how much the top ten photographs sold for? Well here is a list put together by River66. Remember its not my list so don't ask me to defend the prices paid for them.

Melissa Rodwell has her own fashion blog here. I'm enjoying what she has written so far, lots of insights and background for those interested-like you're not.

Not necessarily what I want, but the Photo person in your life may enjoy.

From Sundance some blown glass ornaments some with a photo theme.

A bit pricey, but Visionair's 55 edition is a fantastic looking pop up book. Durn I've been wanting to create my own pop up book, but mine was to have a miniature golf theme with working windmills-oh well. Check out some of their other edition while you are there.

Urban Outfitters has always carried a line of fun Lomo cameras and stuff. Find it here and at the Lomography shop here.

I'm guessing mostly women will appreciate this camera bag at Acme Made. Wonderful idea with the bowling bag look.

Okay an educational link, Nikon has this video on lighting.

If you are familiar with the item and know exactly what you want, nothing beats good old Ebay for a chance at a good deal.

Take this section on Vintage cameras as an example. It is were I got the camera from the above image.

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